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Et tu, Simon?

This just sums up the Top 2 Performance episode of American Idol.


For the weary

Eva Cassidy – Autumn Leaves

Eva Cassidy – Over the Rainbow

These two songs have been really good companions for those nights spent working on schoolwork after sets. So haunting yet comforting in the dead of the night.


Thoughts on HP7 (spoilerz)

This is a post about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So if you haven’t read it in it’s entirety, beware of the spoilers after the jump. Continue reading ‘Thoughts on HP7 (spoilerz)’


No Spoilerz Plz


I can be such a kid sometimes. 3 hours and 11 more minutes!

Don’t spoil the story for me or anyone else! Please.

*has bad memories of Half-Blood Prince, and shakes imaginary fist*


I spy with my little eye…

I was booking tickets for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix over at Shaw’s website, and caught this. I thought this only happened at Yangtze. 🙂 Navy seats are occupied and grey ones are available for booking.


I was kinda amused when I saw this. Just so everyone knows why I might be laughing for no reason during the movie, mmkay?



This week I (re-)discovered the aesthetic pleasures of Mac OS X. Somewhere in the past week, while browsing the MINDEF eForums (if you’re an NSF and have access to an OA and don’t know about the eForums, you’re not being inquisitive enough!) I came across a recommendation to visit for any WinXP-skinned-to-MacOSX needs. Can I just say I am very very pleased with the results?! 🙂 My account now looks properly Aqua-fied, from the jewel buttons to the blue clear plastic scrollbars. I’m in love with my computer again. Is that unhealthy? /sigh.

This week I discovered my long lost stash of music. I found so many CDs that I had assumed had just moved on to that plane of never-to-be-found-again-ness. M2M’s The Big Room, the Buffy Musical Soundtrack (oh god, Joss is a genius!), Travis’s The Invisible Band, Christina Aguilera’s Stripped, John Mayer’s Room for Squares… the list goes on. They probably gave impetus to my decision to plonk down $600 for a Creative Zen Vision: M. That, and the fact that I have a veritable mountain of videos I’ve been meaning to watch, but never had the time to.

This week I discovered that outwardly, I don’t seem like the person I really am. Long story short, my senior medic brought a cake into camp and a small gathering was held in the senior medic room to commemorate my coming birthday. I was completely taken by surprise; their plan was to get me in the senior medic room, then they would suddenly burst into the room with the obligatory song and cake. When they came in and started singing, my very first thought was “Who? How come I wasn’t told someone’s birthday was coming?”. Then by elimination, I realized it was my birthday gathering. Strange, huh? Well, that’s just the backdrop and context. My point is, I was truly taken aback, and truly appreciative of my senior medic and fellow medics’ show of appreciation for me. Yet later in the day, one of them came up to me and put it rather bluntly: he didn’t think I thought very much of the entire planned event. This struck me as odd, for few things really surprise me any more; fewer still make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, in the way their gesture made me feel. What a paradox. (P.S. Not-so-subtle hint entirely intended :))


Jason Mraz

The opening act was local band The UnXpected, and they performed a few covers, and an original “Dressed in Black”. I thought they were pretty good, though I wasn’t quite sure if the lead singer really meant to crack that joke about her G-string breaking (of her guitar probably, but therein lies the confusion/pun).

But, naturally, the whole night was about Jason Mraz. I had always thought of him as more of a songwriter. As in, I wasn’t expecting him to have that strong a voice. I was expecting him to sing slightly-above-averagely and fumble in pitch. Often. But tonight, he proved that wrong, at least for me. It was just him on his guitar, accompanied with his percussionist friend Toca Rivera, amplified and live at the Esplanade’s concert hall. The clarity of his voice, especially when he reaches for the loftier range in some songs, is obvious. To say the least, vocally, he exceeded all expectations. It’s another example of an annoying trend in the music industry – vocalists on their recorded tracks sound (made to sound?) like watered-down versions of themselves. Continue reading ‘Jason Mraz’