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Awkward Social Situation #1

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[EDIT: STARHUB SUCKS. Here’s the post…]

So we just finished 3 rounds of dota during our night’s off. Feeling kind of peckish, we head to a kopitiam for some food. I only wanted something to prepare me for bed, but some others needed solid food to soothe the gastric. So off they go to their burger and pao stalls, and I decided, hey, maybe a drink will do the trick.

In a stunningly immense lack of brains and social skills, I buy a cup of hot milo.

“What’s wrong?”, you ask?

Everyone stares in half-disbelief. And it takes me 5 seconds to realize. They’ve all tah pau’ed, ready to take off and eat along the way. And there I am, happily sitting down, audibly sipping my milo, allowing the steam to lovingly fog up my glasses.

Someone, I need a lecture on The Psyche Of The NSF, please. I don’t recall it ever being taught in BMT! It’s supposed to teach basic military stuff right? How come I never learnt how to think like one?!

Actually, come to think of it, it’s probably not a NSF/Army-only thing. Hrmph.


Beginning of The End

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[EDIT: STARHUB SUCKS. They ate up this post. It was, essentially, me waxing lyrical about BMT and the new mono intake and injections and worries and smiles and OH 6 MORE MONTHS.]


Pointless Generic Rant

It’s been a terrible week so far. To think I cheerily declared on Monday that this week would be a good one. How wrong.

Weekend RT, which was previously cancelled due to battalion duties, was reinstated. BCS training will start as of this Friday; I had to cancel a physio appointment as a result. Also, this Friday’s cohesion activities have been postponed. There’s a SOC test tomorrow, news of which was suddenly, unceremoniously delivered by means of a 2 line instruction on the Routine Order, with barely enough time for mental preparation. And this came just before a night’s off. Terrible timing!

But at least we had a pretty good night’s off. Swensen’s for dinner, with a completely satisfying apple crumble for dessert. Oh well, all that sugar better give me a major energy boost for SOC. Gah.


New Year, two

I was just packing my bag to go back to camp. And I realized there was an uneaten, unopened Gardenia cream roll in it. Being trained to look out for expiry dates, I instinctively spot the splotchy print.

28 DEC 2005.

I tossed it.


Suspicions Confirmed

I’ve found confirmation of something I’ve suspected for a long time. Teachers are quite human too! /shocked! Heh.

I’m providing medical cover for a group of NCC teachers, and we’re now in the School of Military Medicine, because they need to acquire some medical skills. (If they’re in SMM, a place where you can cough once at a tree and also mysteriously infect about 20 medics – the place is crawling with them/us – what the hell am I doing providing medical cover? Plus, they’re having lectures. They are not going to knock their heads and bleed to death.)

I digress. Teachers are human. Because they just started cheering and clapping when they were informed of a canteen break. Because one of them is now flirting (yes.) with one of the instructors. And she just claimed that another officer is cute. Because they also sleep in class. Because they also ask for printed lecture notes, and then decide that they’re unnecessary because they won’t be tested.

So incredibly JC. Interesting.


Reason for insomnia

2 weeks ago, I reported sick for a pain in my butt. No, really. Literally. It radiates to the back of my left thigh, and I initially thought it was just muscle ache from exercise. But call it that for a month and you’ll come to the same conclusion as I did. It’s not a muscle ache, it’s something worse. My MO referred me to a physiotherapist, and she concurred with him – there seems to be a misalignment of my lumbar vertebrae, causing sciatica. Hence my two weeks of excuse RMJ, SOC and heavy loads.

Now comes the part I feel guilty about. I had my excuse extended today. Even though I know it’s perfectly reasonable since the pain hasn’t subsided, there’s just this part of me that loathes extending my excuse. It makes me look and feel like a chao keng kia. I know for sure I’m not one, yet somehow I doubt myself. Add in the fact that I’m a medic, and you get a very conflicted me. It’s probably me fearing judgment by others, but I think I’m past that already…



I got my first confinements yesterday. For “Failure to Attend Remedial Training on 170905“. Which happens to be the day after which I had medical centre duty (covering for someone else, no less). Which happens to be one of the days where I’m excused from SOC and Running, Marching and Jumping.

He says he’s giving (am I allowed to refuse this gift? No.) me the confinements because I didn’t inform him of my duty the previous night. He says I need to consult him first, so that they can “make a decision for me”.

Moreover, coming up with new rules and protocol, not informing us of them, then slapping us with confinements because we violated said new rules and protocol, is simply unacceptable! This is what the Chinese call 先斩后奏! Or I may have got the characters wrong. Hmmm.

Anyway, I’m trying to get myself out of this quagmire now. So please wish me luck. T_T