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Ding SCH 60!

Sodalitas dings 60, but forgets to take a screenshot...

Scholar AF looks really nice with the mortarboard and omgHARRYPOTTERGLASSES! On a side note, I really should stop playing for a bit and go study for my exams. orz

But Geohelix at 61! 😦


Merit Blood Pact Tests #2

In my last post, I mentioned I pumped another 5 merits into Wind Blade to raise it to level 3. Since I had previously done some merit BP tests for Lv1 and Lv2 and they prompted another question, I went ahead and did a few more tests at Lv 3. The question I wanted an answer to was: Regarding TP bonus per level, is it 40% as per in-game descriptions or 60% as per experimentally derived values?


Target mobs were the same as those in the first test, Aht Urhgan Attercops in Bhaflau Thickets from the Aht Urhgan Whitegate exit at G/H-7. Similarly, I still had 5/5 merits in Avatar Magical Attack. However, I did have slightly more Summoning Skill, but that’s irrelevant to potency, only accuracy, which is already very high considering these are EP mobs. Since all the Lv1 merit BPs have the same base damage, I used Lv1 Heavenly Strike for this test. As the above two tables show, at 60% TP, Lv1 Heavenly Strike did average damage that was very close to 0% TP Lv2 Wind Blade.


Moreover, for any given amount of damage done, the TP required for Lv 1, 2 and 3 merit BP are 60% TP apart, not 40%. For example, for the merit BP to deal 1000 damage, 200% TP is required at Lv1, 140% TP at Lv2, and 80% TP at Lv3, as shown by the black lines in the graph above.

Another Summoner, Enilanerda, had already claimed that Lv3 Wind Blade hit the damage cap at 180% TP. This test only confirms that claim.



Also, during testing, there was one abnormal Lv3 Wind Blade that was past the 300% TP cap that did damage in excess of the 1171-or-1175 damage always dealt once the cap had been passed. A quick check revealed there was windy weather, which could very well likely account for the approximately 10% boost in damage past the damage cap. Testing with an Astral Pot at 300% TP also yielded damage higher than the damage cap, suggesting that both weather effects and Astral Pot can affect merit BPs.

So, to summarize:-
i) A 60% TP bonus is gained per level by levelling a merit BP past level 1, thus a Lv3 merit BP would reach 300% effective TP at 180% TP.
ii) Merit BP damage can go over the normal damage cap when under the influence of weather effects, or when under the effects of Astral Pot.


To end off, at a recent Kirin, I also tested Lv3 Wind Blade. I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy (309 Summoning Magic Skill at the moment) and also the damage dealt. The following picture logs all the Wind Blades I pulled off during the battle, and only 1 was resisted. The damage was also higher than Nether Blast (which deals 546 damage unresisted). However, Nether Blast is still more accurate, and is also way more MP efficient (~5.01 dmg/MP) compared to Wind Blade (~3.58 dmg/MP).


{Notorious Monster}{Do you need it?}{Yes, please.}

Shikigami Weapon #3 didn’t go well. 😦 The kill was executed cleanly, don’t get me wrong. It was the drops that were off. Ryskar on BRD, Draykaden on NIN, Stabmegently on THF and I on SMN. Another Wind Crystal to show for our efforts at Shikigami Weapon. /sigh


Ryskar and I then accompanied Stabmegently to the Labyrinth of Onzozo to camp Mysticmaker Profblix for his Moldavite Earring (claimed by RMT BLMs…), and chanced upon an unclaimed Ose. A few minutes later, congratulations were in order for Stabmegently as Assault Jerkin dropped.


Since we were at Onzozo, we burned some time trying to get Soulstealer Skullnix to pop for his Kard dagger that my BRD could one day use. The bad luck continues as he decides not to drop a Kard. 😦


Crappy luck with drops, I know.. But all of this is made up for by the fact that on the next day, Stabmegently managed to claim Mysticmaker and got his Moldavite Earring, and also this happened…


Shikigami Weapon was uncontested though, so the claim wasn’t too stressful. This time, with Stabmegently on NIN, Ryskar still on BRD, and Kifimbo on RDM/RNG (i.e. no Treasure Hunter at all), Shikigami Weapon finally dropped my Yinyang Robe! Seriously, TH3 is like negative TH! >_< Going 1/4, I can finally scratch acquiring Yinyang Robe off my list of things to do! 🙂 Thanks to everyone who’s ever helped me out with Shikigami Weapon. Even though we might not have claimed, your help was still greatly appreciated!

Also, finally attained 8 more merits to pump into more Summoning Skill and max out Wind Blade. I’m wondering if maxed Summoning merits will give me enough magic accuracy to consistently use Wind Blade on Kirin instead of Nether Blast all the time…



Shikigami Weapon #2

Now with a flying Carbuncle! Went camping Shikigami Weapon again with Coejus (PLD/NIN), Ryskar (BRD/WHM) and Stabmegently (THF/RNG). Pictures say it all, really.


0/2. Yay.


Shikigami Weapon #1

Shikigami Weapon is a mob that drops Yinyang Robe, quite possibly the most well-rounded body piece a Summoner can wear. The robe is good for soloing, the best for -BP timers, and an Auto-Refresh effect that’s good for standing around in. The mob itself pops on a 21 hour window with a 15 min window, but pops Invisible and is only targettable after it aggros someone through magic. Naturally, it is camped pretty heavily by Summoners and their friends, especially after server maintenance.

Today, I dragged Coejus (PLD/NIN) and Myoha (THF/NIN) out to Ro’Maeve to camp him with me. Coejus got a friend, Mikkolindstrom (WHM/RNG), to come along, going /RNG for Wide Scan to identify the time of Shikigami’s actual popping. When the window opened, I started running up and down a corridor while channeling Reraise with Carbuncle out. This would aggro Shikigami Weapon if he popped, and Carbuncle would attack Shikigami Weapon as soon as he aggro’ed, which would claim him. This happened today against 20-odd other campers, and we managed to take Shikigami Weapon down!


Oh yeah, for a mob with such annoying claim conditions, it also does not drop the robe 100% of the time. I kinda feel responsible for this because I landed the kill-shot with Titan 😦 . Should’ve let Myoha land the last hit! >_< Oh well, that makes me officially 0/1 on Yinyang Robe. It’s a start! 🙂


Quickie Update!

School’s been taking up a huge chunk of my time, so there’s little left for FFXI nowadays. But when I do get to play on the weekends, I go all out. 😀 Productivity is key! I’m also levelling BRD up for merits and utility. I tried camping Novv the Whitehearted once on a weekend, but a NPC-levelling 75MNK claimed him before I could. He did invite me to kill Novv and lot the coat if it dropped, but it only dropped a scroll of Curaga IV 😦 .

So after lectures today, I went back again on a whim, and was disappointed to see another NIN and WHM at Novv’s pop area, presumably camping Novv. I took my time and meleeCarby-meleeSMN’d one random Sahagin to death, and the next thing I know, a yellow-skinned Sahagin popped, and his name was unusually long. I fumbled with targetting it and spammed my Dia macro. To my surprise, Novv turned red and the NIN WHM duo didn’t even seem to move. Bad time to AFK maybe. 😦 I began to kite Novv towards a safer area, ready to Fenrir him to death, and suddenly I received a /tell from Nestor asking to PT. I thought, well, having one more person couldn’t hurt, so I invited him. Nestor turned out to be a THF! /joy. We beat Novv easily, and suddenly Yarr the Pearleyed popped, so we killed him too.


That pretty much sums up what I’ve been doing these days. Loquacious Earring Get (Tuufie thanks for the 6 coins! ^^)! CoP Missions complete! ToAU Missions complete! BRD AF1 weapon complete! (ok so it’s not a big deal >_<) Minstrel’s Coat Get! Note how I blew a crazy high lot on something Nestor would pass on. /sadpanda. But hey, Minstrel’s Coat Get! 🙂


OK, now that the good stuff’s out of the way, bitching time. Has anyone seen a 75WHM’s gear as bad as this one? This WHM came geared like this for CoP 8-2 to 8-4. I think nothing needs to be said about what’s wrong with that picture >_< That’s a Vermillion Cloak and Enfeebling Earring by the way, which makes everything so much more puzzling. We still managed to clear 8-2 to 8-4 though. During the 8-4 fight, this WHM even said: “mp -_-;”. ORLY? Maybe if you’d bought some MP gear you’d be able to cast more. >_<


Merit Blood Pact Tests

When I first made the decision to play Summoner, I had always hoped that we Summoners would one day be able to use those Prime Avatar Blood Pacts, even if only for the sake of eye candy. That wish was granted when Tier 2 merits were introduced, and Summoners were given the option to merit said Blood Pacts. Unfortunately, many felt that these new Blood Pacts paled in comparison to our Lv70 Blood Pacts, and little information was made available about them. SE buffed these pacts in the June update, and this adjustment meant that “blood pacts available from the summoner Group 2 merit point category [would] receive larger TP bonuses based on attribute increases, as well as a boost in damage from TP”. What did this mean for the merit BPs? That was one of the questions I had in mind, and I sought to find answers the old-fashioned way. Continue reading ‘Merit Blood Pact Tests’