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Cryptic #2

Total: 3. 🙂



Et tu, Simon?

This just sums up the Top 2 Performance episode of American Idol.


Of Chuk-Chuks and Jellyfish

Last Friday, half the whole Biodiversity lecture group went to Changi Beach to learn about the wildlife in Singapore. Initially I thought it’d be quite a boring trip. I mean, it’s… Changi Beach. What’s going to be so interesting about that?

Apparently, quite a lot. We started off by the coast of the “river” where all the kayaks and small boats usually are, and Uncle Jeffrey (otherwise known as our Teaching Assistant) started explaining about sublittoral, intralittoral and supralittoral zones and what they mean. Boring right? People then started asking about the stuff they were seeing around the place – the crabs, sea stars, etc. One of them came across a chuk-chuk shell, and in trying to describe what a chuk-chuk was, Uncle Jeffrey said that it was a shellfish that people ate at seafood restaurants. Eventually, we moved on to more interesting stuff. Like jellyfish!

Another TA passed us something soft, jiggly, and clear – like jelly (no, DUH). It was a jellyfish with most of its tentacles gone, and it was almost dying. So what did we do with it? Somehow, Uncle Jeffrey mentioned that that clear blob we were holding on to was edible since it was made up of mainly seawater. Then:-

Kah Chun: Why don’t you try eating it?
Uncle Jeffrey: I’ll eat it if you eat it.
Kah Chun: OK.
Uncle Jeffrey: (takes a huge bite out of the jellyfish carcass)
Everyone: ZOMG!!
Kah Chun: (takes a bite out of the jellyfish carcass)
Everyone: ZOMG!! Hmm…
Everyone: (takes small chunks of jellyfish carcass and eats them)

FOR REAL. WE ATE RAW JELLYFISH FROM THE SEA. For the record, yes, it was very salty.

After that, we went trawling the sea for little organisms! That was pretty fun. Basically, we dragged a net across the sea bed, and then checked to see what we caught. We ended up catching a prawn, some pipefish, more jellyfish carcasses (one of them was still alive I think @_@), a couple crabs, and a sea squirt, which apparently isn’t a very common find! 😀

After the field trip, most of our bench members went to Changi Village for dinner! We ordered chuk-chuk, which amused me to no end. It didn’t really have a flavour other than the sauce it was cooked in; I think people eat them just for the fun of sucking out the meaty parts from inside the shell, and making the chuk-chuk sounds! Some parts were green in colour – a bit off-putting. And I don’t think any of us are going to forget the word operculum any time soon! Almost every chuk-chuk still had the operculum intact! 🙂

Chuk-Chuk Shells

Year 1, Semester 2

Semester 1’s over, and I got a grade of every shade between A and B-, for a CAP of 4.0. It’s not fantastic, but they’re not shabby either. Just need to work harder this semester, and perhaps give that Law and Life Science double degree more thought. It sort of just fell off my academic road map – I don’t really know why I’d want to earn that double degree either, and if it were not for Kaili’s reminder about its existence, I might have completely forgotten about it. Hmmm. While that simmers in the brain, these are the modules that I’m taking this semester… Continue reading ‘Year 1, Semester 2’



I accomplished nothing of substance this week. What I could put off, I put off, and it has come back to bite me in the ass. Apparently, my reading skills have deteriorated to such a degree that I misread an assignment deadline extension which led to me missing the deadline altogether. >_< My drafts for the assignment were mostly alright about a week ago, and only needed a bit of tweaking and a few readjustments, something I could’ve done in an hour, tops. But I decided to finish it in the very last few hours before the deadline closed. To my horror, the deadline was 12 noon, not 12 midnight. So I was 10 hours late. Did I mention this assignment accounts for 30% of the final module grade? Here’s to hoping my tutor will accept the late submission. 😦 Either way, I’m probably going to incur a penalty. Oh well. /sadpanda.



So today I had this conversation with Jason, a friend who doesn’t play FFXI.

Me: Oh, good it’s 9.15pm and we’re leaving. I can be back by 10.30pm!
Jason: Why do you want to be home by 10.30pm?
Me: … Secret.
Jason: Say lah.
Me: (thinks for a while) I’m going home to look for a monster and kill it. In FFXI.
Jason: (a pause… then laughs)
Me: What?
Jason: You’re going home to kill a monster? Do you know how ridiculous it sounds?
Me: Um, no? I get my kicks from FFXI! Nothing wrong with that!
Jason: That’s like saying… that’s like saying you’re going home to bake a cake!
Me: … And that’s ridiculous how?

Then I told him about how it’s possible to make ice-cream in the game by killing a freeze bomb and using its arms as an ingredient. He went absolutely hysterical after that. Moral of the story? Don’t mix real-life with virtual life! 🙂


For the weary

Eva Cassidy – Autumn Leaves

Eva Cassidy – Over the Rainbow

These two songs have been really good companions for those nights spent working on schoolwork after sets. So haunting yet comforting in the dead of the night.