Year 1, Semester 2

Semester 1’s over, and I got a grade of every shade between A and B-, for a CAP of 4.0. It’s not fantastic, but they’re not shabby either. Just need to work harder this semester, and perhaps give that Law and Life Science double degree more thought. It sort of just fell off my academic road map – I don’t really know why I’d want to earn that double degree either, and if it were not for Kaili’s reminder about its existence, I might have completely forgotten about it. Hmmm. While that simmers in the brain, these are the modules that I’m taking this semester…

ST1232 – Statistics for Life Sciences

Aversion to Mathematics is like a reflex to me, but alas, this is a pre-allocated module and I have to take it. Mr Mick Jagger wrote, “You can’t always get what you want”. I suppose it also means I can’t always reject what I don’t want. 😦 Just have to plough through this and hope for the best! I did enjoy the Statistics option at A Level Maths though, and that should at least help me get settled into this module.

LSM1103 – Biodiversity

Another pre-allocated module, but one that I fully expect to come to love, despite the intimidating syllabus outline. Parazoa, Radiata, Lophotrochozoa, Ecdysozoa and Deuterostomes etc. My memory bank is already complaining! I hear it’s difficult to do well in this module, though having more fun with microbes should be a comfort. Plus, the practical sessions are mostly field trips, including one to the zoo! We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo~ How about you, you, you~?

CM1101 – Principles of Modern Chemistry

A Chemistry elective module, just in case I decide to pursue a Chemistry minor or second major, and the module code and name just says it all – this is very likely a foundation module upon which everything will be built upon. Also, Zhong Wei got an A+ for this last semester, so I know I have someone to bug if I have problems with this module 🙂

LAJ1201 – Japanese 1

I’m doing this so I can actually communicate a little better with my Japanese friends in FFXI. I know it probably sounds like a very frivolous reason, but hey, this blog is called “Two Lives” for a reason. And you never know when knowing some Japanese could come in useful! (Like that quaint ramen joint tucked away in Central!) Yong Ping’s taking this module too, so I won’t feel all lost around FASS, heh. Jason’s doing Japanese 2, so that means I can go bug him with questions about Japanese too! 😀 I’m such a leech.

IT1001 – Introduction to Computing

I’m actually fairly good with computer stuff (go go me calling it computer stuff), and one of the projects is to make a website, which will likely not be tough at all. And the final exam has a (deceptively??) easy open-book MCQ section. Plus learning about computer hardware! What’s not to like? ❤ ❤ ❤

Here’s looking forward to a great semester ahead! 🙂


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