Merit Blood Pact Tests #2

In my last post, I mentioned I pumped another 5 merits into Wind Blade to raise it to level 3. Since I had previously done some merit BP tests for Lv1 and Lv2 and they prompted another question, I went ahead and did a few more tests at Lv 3. The question I wanted an answer to was: Regarding TP bonus per level, is it 40% as per in-game descriptions or 60% as per experimentally derived values?


Target mobs were the same as those in the first test, Aht Urhgan Attercops in Bhaflau Thickets from the Aht Urhgan Whitegate exit at G/H-7. Similarly, I still had 5/5 merits in Avatar Magical Attack. However, I did have slightly more Summoning Skill, but that’s irrelevant to potency, only accuracy, which is already very high considering these are EP mobs. Since all the Lv1 merit BPs have the same base damage, I used Lv1 Heavenly Strike for this test. As the above two tables show, at 60% TP, Lv1 Heavenly Strike did average damage that was very close to 0% TP Lv2 Wind Blade.


Moreover, for any given amount of damage done, the TP required for Lv 1, 2 and 3 merit BP are 60% TP apart, not 40%. For example, for the merit BP to deal 1000 damage, 200% TP is required at Lv1, 140% TP at Lv2, and 80% TP at Lv3, as shown by the black lines in the graph above.

Another Summoner, Enilanerda, had already claimed that Lv3 Wind Blade hit the damage cap at 180% TP. This test only confirms that claim.



Also, during testing, there was one abnormal Lv3 Wind Blade that was past the 300% TP cap that did damage in excess of the 1171-or-1175 damage always dealt once the cap had been passed. A quick check revealed there was windy weather, which could very well likely account for the approximately 10% boost in damage past the damage cap. Testing with an Astral Pot at 300% TP also yielded damage higher than the damage cap, suggesting that both weather effects and Astral Pot can affect merit BPs.

So, to summarize:-
i) A 60% TP bonus is gained per level by levelling a merit BP past level 1, thus a Lv3 merit BP would reach 300% effective TP at 180% TP.
ii) Merit BP damage can go over the normal damage cap when under the influence of weather effects, or when under the effects of Astral Pot.


To end off, at a recent Kirin, I also tested Lv3 Wind Blade. I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy (309 Summoning Magic Skill at the moment) and also the damage dealt. The following picture logs all the Wind Blades I pulled off during the battle, and only 1 was resisted. The damage was also higher than Nether Blast (which deals 546 damage unresisted). However, Nether Blast is still more accurate, and is also way more MP efficient (~5.01 dmg/MP) compared to Wind Blade (~3.58 dmg/MP).


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