Merit Blood Pact Tests

When I first made the decision to play Summoner, I had always hoped that we Summoners would one day be able to use those Prime Avatar Blood Pacts, even if only for the sake of eye candy. That wish was granted when Tier 2 merits were introduced, and Summoners were given the option to merit said Blood Pacts. Unfortunately, many felt that these new Blood Pacts paled in comparison to our Lv70 Blood Pacts, and little information was made available about them. SE buffed these pacts in the June update, and this adjustment meant that “blood pacts available from the summoner Group 2 merit point category [would] receive larger TP bonuses based on attribute increases, as well as a boost in damage from TP”. What did this mean for the merit BPs? That was one of the questions I had in mind, and I sought to find answers the old-fashioned way.

Allakhazam thread which encouraged me to perform these tests

Background information
Target mob: Aht Urhgan Attercops @ Bhaflau Thickets, from Aht Urhgan Whitegate exit G/H-7
Day: Any day neutral to the merit BP used
Summoning Skill: 305
Relevant merits: 5 Avatar Magical Attack, Lv1 Wind Blade (to be upgraded to Lv2 during the test)
What we do know: A 40% TP bonus is gained by attribute increases in a merit BP

Aims of the test

  1. To determine if Lv1 merit BPs have an initial 40% TP bonus, implying that Lv3 merit BPs have a 120% TP bonus.
  2. To determine whether initial TP is required for any TP bonus to proc.
  3. To determine if the “boost in damage from TP” varies with attribute increases.

Method for obtaining raw data

  1. Obtain average damage from 10 unresisted 0% TP Lv1 WB.
  2. Obtain average damage from 10 unresisted 300% TP Lv1 WB.
  3. Obtain average damage from 10 unresisted ~260% TP Lv1 WB.
  4. Upgrade to Lv2 WB.
  5. Obtain average damage from 10 unresisted 0% TP Lv2 WB.
  6. Obtain average damage from 10 unresisted 300% TP Lv2 WB.
  7. Obtain average damage from 10 unresisted 260% TP Lv2 WB.
  8. Obtain average damage from 10 unresisted 220% TP Lv2 WB.

Analysis of data obtained

1. To determine if Lv1 merit BPs have an initial 40% TP bonus


There is a significant increase in damage, going from 260% TP to 300% TP for Lv1 WB. I made a preliminary conclusion that Lv1 WB did not have a 40% TP bonus.


This cemented in my mind that Lv1 WB does not have a 40% TP bonus, and that Lv2 WB receives this 40% TP bonus. This is evidenced by the minute difference between going from 260% TP to 300% TP for Lv2 WB if we assume bonus is capped at 300% TP.

2. To determine whether initial TP is required for any TP bonus to proc.


At 0% TP, there is a very marked increase in damage between Lv1 WB and Lv2 WB. I then concluded that TP bonus procs regardless of whether the avatar has TP to begin with.

3. To determine if the “boost in damage from TP” varies with attribute increases.

My original intended method of testing this proved to be ineffective because of something I had not foreseen. Apparently, there seems to be a cap on the damage Wind Blade can do, regardless of level. Both levels of Wind Blade, at 300% TP, produced 1171 or 1175 damage depending on the level of the particular Attercop. I then decided to interpret SE’s update note from a different angle.

Is a 40% TP Lv1 WB going to produce the same damage as a 0% TP Lv2 WB? How about at higher levels of TP, say 260% TP Lv1 WB compared to 220% TP Lv2 WB?



A 0% TP Lv2 WB dealt about 33 more damage than a 40% TP Lv1 WB. At higher TP levels, Lv2 WB continued to produce about 33 more damage than Lv1 WB of equivalent numerical TP. There is thus an unaccounted for ~33 damage increase earned by upgrading Lv1 WB to Lv2 WB.

Additional tests

It’s been said that Avatars’ magic is not affected by TP in tiers. Rather, there is a linear relationship between TP and damage. I sought to find more evidence for this phenomenon by obtaining damage results over a range of TP. I realise that the sample size for this is rather small. I might continue to improve on it by conducting more tests over more specific TP points, but I doubt it will be soon. For what it’s worth:-


Fairly linear, and one can see how at both levels of Wind Blade, the damage gained per TP (gradient of each of the lines) remains more or less constant, leading to the parallel lines. Also worth noting is the cap on damage (1171-1175 damage, depending on the level of the particular mob targetted) produced from Wind Blade, regardless of attribute increase in Wind Blade or not. It could be affected by day/weather/Astral Pot, but these are as yet untested by me.


My tests have shown that:-

  1. Lv1 Wind Blade has no 40% TP bonus. It is vanilla.
  2. There is no requirement for the avatar to have TP for TP bonus to proc.
  3. By upgrading merit BPs, you can increase the potency of your merit BP in a way that is independent of TP.
  4. There is a cap on damage from merit BPs regardless of what level it is at (excepting the untested Astral Pot and possibility of day/weather effects).

In closing, please leave any comments, suggestions for future tests, or any critique you may have of the testing methods, especially if you are a Summoner too! Let it never be said that Summoners don’t test things for themselves. No flames please, I am but a mere Ma…… Mithra.


4 Responses to “Merit Blood Pact Tests”

  1. October 22, 2007 at 9:28 pm

    Wow, what a comprehensive test!

    That’s really interesting.. have you kept WB at Lv.2 then? Will you try to bring it to Lv.3 and see the difference?

    And I’m always asking this but, why did you decide to try WB? have you done tests like this with the other prime BPs? I’m hestitant myself which to merit.. I have gotten Heavenly Strike and Grand Fall, but I rarely use them. I’d prefer to break those merits and choose a BP that I would actually use over the ones I already have.

  2. 2 Sodalitas
    October 24, 2007 at 1:45 am

    I still have Wind Blade at Lv2. I’ve been really busy with school lately, so my playtime has dropped, and most of my playtime is spent at sky or levelling BRD, which leaves very little time for meriting.

    But I do have plans to finish up Lv3 Wind Blade (I actually have 6 merits waiting to be spent, I just don’t know if I want to dump them all into Wind Blade now ^^;), and when I do, I probably will do further tests and post them here.

    I decided to get Wind Blade because sky is pretty much all the endgame-ish stuff I do, and I thought I’d try Wind Blade on Kirin since he’s weak to wind. However, if memory serves, Lv1 Wind Blade seemed to do less damage unresisted than Nether Blast, so Nether Blast >>> Wind Blade in that situation. On Kirin, I still continue to use Nether Blast almost exclusively – the innate accuracy of Nether Blast is just so much higher than Wind Blade, not to mention it also costs way less MP.

    I actually have Lv1 Heavenly Strike merited, and as far as damage on these test mobs goes, Lv1 WB = Lv1 HS. Other than the pretty ice, I don’t know if there’s anything encouraging me to keep HS. The current plan for me is to drop HS and get Lv3 WB and Lv3 Geocrush. I picked Geocrush because I wanted to be able to MB BPs on both Light and Darkness SCs, and also it has a stun side-effect which the other merit BPs do not have, and I figure an Earth-based stun + damage could come in useful somewhere. Just off the top of my head, since I used to use Earthen Ward a lot in Dynamis (kinda stopped doing Dynamis because of schedule conflicts), I figure tossing out a Geocrush on a PLD/THF mob during their 2-hr, or a NIN/MNK mob prior to their 2-hr, could help a bit. Not to mention these merit BPs are passable for dealing magic damage to statues too.

  3. June 2, 2008 at 11:11 am

    Here’s an updated thread with everything you could possibly need to know about the Merit Blood Pacts. Both of your tests are linked at teh bottom, and you are mentioned and credited a few times throughout.



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